Polyethylene glycol(PEG) derivatives Activated PEG Thiol(SH)

SH-PEG-COOH is soluble in most pure solvents, which can improve solubility and stability, and reduce the immunogenicity of peptides and proteins. As sulfhydryl PEG, SH-PEG-COOH can be utilized to alter nano-AU provides. PEGs by Utility Polyethylene glycol(PEG) derivatives are utilized in a lot of fields, along with medical evaluation, drug-release, nanotechnology, new provides evaluation, cell custom, and totally different functions. The flexibleness […]

NATtrol Meningitis/Encephalitis Panel

ETIOLOGIC STATUS/BIOHAZARD TESTING:  NATtrol™ inactivation was carried out on the shares used to formulate each administration. The inactivation was verified by the absence of growth in validated tissue custom primarily based infectivity assays and growth protocols.  Purified protein matrix used throughout the manufacture of this product is dealt with with 0.09% sodium azide. It was manufactured from provides […]

c-chip disposable hemocytometer slides

Primary capabilities: Blood evaluation. Cell customized; cell focus measurement and cell viability counts. Microbiology; bacterial and fungal spores. IVF, IUI; sperm counts. Decisions and advantages No ought to coverslip. No must clear for reuse. No additional contact to hazardous gives (e.g. AIDS affected particular person blood, urine). Proper, dependable and repeatable. Wise grid sample. Quartz grade optical plastic. Sturdy and […]

One Step Diagnostic Rapid Test Cassette

The Readability Being pregnant One Step Quick Verify makes use of a mix of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies to selectively detect elevated ranges of hCG in urine. Optimistic specimens react with the exact antibody-hCG-colored conjugate to sort a colored line on the examine line space of the membrane. The absence of this colored line suggests a dangerous finish end result. […]

PPM Broad Spectrum Biostat

PPM is a heat-stable preservative/biocide which may be utilized to efficiently forestall or reduces microbial contamination in plant tissue custom. At optimum doses, PPM, which stands for Plant Preservative Mixture, is a very environment friendly Preservative/Biocide, however does not impair in vitro seed germination, callus proliferation and callus regeneration. ABOUT PLANT PRESERVATIVE MIXTURE (PPM) PPM™ is a heat-stable preservative/biocide which may […]


Safely test SARS-CoV-2 infectivity with pPACK-SPIKE, a system for generating high titers of SARS-CoV-2 “Spike” pseudotyped lentiviral particles. Based on the popular and highly cited pPACKH1 packaging system from SBI Uses codon-optimized SARS-CoV-2 “S” protein instead of VSV-G envelope protein Ideal for COVID-19 research, such as neutralization assays, under BSL2 conditions Package any third-generation lentivector reporter of your choice, including […]

Prigrow I Medium, 500ml

Specifications Description The ABM PriGrow media series for mammalian cell culture is comprised of high-quality, specific formulations for optimal growth of different types of primary cells. PriGrow media is offered as a basal formula, without serum or antibiotics to give the end-user the flexibility to add more supplements and serums if needed. Each lot has been fully tested and optimized […]

plasmide GFPT1 ORF Vector

Product name GFPT1 (NM_002056) Human tagged ORF clone Type Human tagged ORF clone Label Myc-DDK Symbol GFPT1 Synonyms CMS12; CMSTA1; GFA; GFAT; GFAT 1; GFAT1; GFAT1m; GFPT; GFPT1L; MSLG Vector Plenti-C-Myc-DDK Selection of E. coli Chloramphenicol (34 ug / mL) Cell selection None Sequence data ORF nucleotide sequence (show) Restriction site SgfI-MluI cloning scheme for this gene ACCN NM_002056 ORF […]

Lentiviral qPCR Titration Kit 100 rxn

Description The ABM qPCR Lentivirus Titer Kit is a one-step qPCR assay that requires no additional lysis or reverses transcription (RT) steps and can be completed in less than one hour. Designed to offer high sensitivity and specificity, the kit ensures minimal non-specific background and better overall performance compared to similar kits on the market. The ROX reference dye is […]

Luciferase (red) Lentiviral Vector

Specifications 1. Product name Luciferase (red) Lentivirus (Luciola Italica) (CMV) (pLenti-II-CMV-Luc-IRES-GFP) 2. Accession number N / A 3. Description This ready-to-use lentivirus is part of the ABM lentiviral expression system and can be used to overexpress its gene of interest in a wide range of host cells. Lentiviruses have the ability to integrate into the host genome and generate a […]